Mmm, groceries!

Smooth day today. It was a beautiful 65 degrees today here in Albany, absolutely gorgeous. Walked to class with time to spare, attended class, and then went grocery shopping with Andy, which was desperately needed. It started to downpour the minute we got back to the dorms, while we were still in the car. It was wet getting inside, to say the least. Poor Andy had to run out and get one last load of food stuffs during the worst of it (the chicken was still out there, and that’s what was for dinner, so we couldn’t really wait for the rain to stop), and he got so wet, we had to put his pants in the drier for a few minutes. He was sopping wet–totally drenched, poor kid.

I made chicken fajitas for dinner, and they turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Called me mum and chatted with her for a little bit about the goings on, and informed her that Andy got the check in the mail for our paying my parents back for letting us use their credit card to make the payment for our trip (we weren’t sure our debit cards would allow heavy-duty charging on them, and we didn’t want it to be an issue). Emily didn’t get her hard cast off today as we thought she would; apparently the bone isn’t quite healed enough yet for a temporary cast. A bummer, definitely, but so long as her arm is healing well, that’s what’s important.

Other than that, I’m just eating an oatmeal creme pie (OH MY WORD, I LOVE THESE, and best of all, they were on sale at Price Chopper!) and getting ready for bed. Did a chunk of writing the DM summary today, moving through some exciting action scenes, so I’ve been enjoying myself. ^_^ But that’s about it!

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