And The Prize Goes To…

I am officially the worst class-cutter in the history of college. Seriously. It’s pathetic. First off, I almost never do this, so it’s not “no big deal” to me. It stirs up in me the exact same reaction as the kid, home alone, who decides to take a chance with the “after-dinner-only” cookie jar. I get giddy and nervous, and I say things like, “Should I?” with that whole “oh, I am SO BAD” grin on my face.

I told you it was pathetic.

Second, I always seem to run into the teacher whose class I’ve skipped earlier that day, and not just once, but multiple times. Just beyond that point where they could believe they’ve just had a trick of the eyes, or maybe mistook someone else for me. No. It’s blatant. I wasn’t in their class, AND I wasn’t out for any legitimate reason. I just cut their class, and I’m not even ashamed enough to try to avoid detection.

But I swear, it’s because of some conspiracy to keep the ordinarily good, rule-abiding students like myself in line, because the kids who skip all the time don’t get any crap, even when they’ve missed 3+ classes which is “apparently” when grades start dropping. Or so they say. This is a nasty trend I’ve noticed in the universities I’ve attended: hard-core scare-the-sh*t-out-of the students at the first class. Tell them you don’t take late papers, and that if anyone skips 3+ classes, they get an F forever and ever and ever. But when it really comes down to it, they do take late papers. They grade them without any point deduction. Kids skip 5+ classes and don’t seem to get any repercussions what-so-ever. The slacker kids know this. They know from the very minute they step into the class, that no matter how bad-ass any teacher sounds on the first day, it’s all a show. It’s an academic bluff, and a popular one. So popular, in fact, that the only people who forget it’s a bluff and are actually stupid enough to believe all the horror stories of how tough this class is going to be are the good kids, like myself, who actually do try to do the work and turn it in on time, or try not to miss class. I blame it on laziness, because usually I see it as too much work to skip class. Seriously. Again, I told you it was pathetic.

The truth is, I’m glad I skipped. It’s a beautiful day out. I’m a senior. This class is an elective (which makes this all the more pathetic, I think). I’ve never missed that class before.

I’ve earned it.

And if he gives me crap about it, because he saw me strolling around the humanities building all afternoon: I’ll tell him the truth. It was a rabid onset of senioritis with complications due to spring fever. I was just too happy to let class ruin it. ^_^

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