Hunter is very talented.

Okay, so the return of The Office tonight was *fantastic*! ^_^ It was just pure, solid-gold Michael. I forgot how fun it is to squirm in social discomfort watching him and Jan’s messed up relationship. Just priceless.

Today was fairly routine. Got up, studied for a quiz in African Civilizations, and then went to class (yes, all of them). Everything went well as far as I can tell: felt capable of making comments in James Joyce, think I did pretty well on the quiz, and despite not having done any of the reading for Crime & Punishment, I actually made some hopefully helpful comments (at least I made comments, unlike some people). It was all just fine and boring, so that’s enough talk about that.

I’ve got a rough weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to finish my second Legal Judgment Assignment for Crime & Punishment (which shouldn’t be too bad), but then I start on the term paper. Normally, I wouldn’t freak out, but it’s been a while since I tried to whip off a ten page research paper, and I’m a little nervous, because I really don’t know much about my subject: Faulkner and Mississippi. I’m hoping JSTOR helps me out a lot with useful articles. I can’t imagine–after seeing how many books are on the subject in the library–that there isn’t going to be something there. But I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Saturday is my day off, though, so I’ll probably get a chance to update then, if anything interesting happens (don’t count on it).

Writing Stuff:

Finally got around to making some of the changes to the DM-Zero Draft I’ve had humming around in my head for the last two days, or at least some of the changes. It’s been a very interesting learning process for me, doing this detailed summary draft. It has really made me examine my plotting skills and I think it’s actually working. Still trying to pin down an SF voice, and still not sure what that’s going to be. *shrugs*

In awesome news, though, my friend from Hazel Ong has a story appearing in Sybil’s Garage right now! Go check it out, because she’s a fantastic writer and I’m so jealous of her l33t rh3t0r1c4l sk1llz. Her writing alone is worth the $5.

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