Work-y Work, Busy Bee!

Today in Mommy-Land

Pretty bustling day here at the house! Did some layout work for my mom while she watched the Little Man, and he did take a short nap. Got my T25 in, so that’s something. Hmm…summarizing it like this makes it not seem like all that much. Ah well!

Today in Writer-Land

Did start a piece of a scene for the last half of the current WiP, but didn’t get too far since I finished the brochure work right at the end of the Little Man’s nap. *le sigh* It’s always hard to get motivated when you know there’s no way of hitting a goal deadline. The tendency is to try to stretch it out as much as possible, which I really*don’t* want to do. Changing gears or not, this one-sub-a-month thing really is keeping me going and vitalized.

Got a bit further in Colorless Tsukuru, and am still in awe of Murakami’s careful tension-building. It’s like eavesdropping on really juicy gossip, that happens to be rather otherworldly. Fascinating stuff!

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