Thursday, Friday…

Today/Yesterday in Mommy-Land

Yesterday was actually pretty nice! The Little Man took several short naps, most of them on me, which meant I got a fair amount of reading in. I’m not far from the end of my book, which does surprisingly make me feel a bit productive!

We’ve been sorting through picture books given to us by a neighbor, and so far, my favorite is How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food. The Little Man seems to be enjoying story-time more these days, and will actually sit relatively still (for him) while I read to him if he’s got a bottle. Today we got through three books! It’s really fun getting the reading-out-loud practice, too. Robert the Rose Horse is especially fun to read out loud.

Today/Yesterday in Writer-Land

Moved the cushy Laz-E-Boy into the upstairs sitting room because it’s the most comfortable place to sit and write. Even got a tiny bit of a snippet of a scene down yesterday, which was delightful. I really do enjoy writing by hand. Haven’t gotten much of anything done today, though I did edit a letter for the hubby, so in some ways, that almost (*almost*) counts. Maybe this weekend…

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