TGI-Whoa, where’s Friday?

Today-ish in Mommy-Land

Man, where do these days go? I feel like it was just Friday yesterday, and already it’s almost hump-day. Good grief! The Little Man (I hesitate to say) does seem to be sleeping a bit better, though last night was a toss-and-tumble kind of night. He did cut another tooth up top, and there may be another one behind it, so it’s possible these disrupted nights are due to teething. We’ll have to wait and see. Every time I think he’s toothing, it always seems to be something else.

He’s been relatively kind to me, in terms of nap-taking, or being good about going to Grandma or Dad for a period so I can get stuff done, just…not the stuff I *want* to get done, so much as the stuff I *have* to get done. Like showering. Or getting a few minutes’ exercise in. Can I just say how much I’m coming to love The Great British Baking Show on PBS? #makemewannabake

Today-ish in Writer-Land

I got a bit of writing done this weekend (not on any specific project, just piddling away at an old hand-written story that I think really captures the kind of fiction I want to write). I’ve found that while I’m good at length-regulation via computer, I’m really, really, really bad (like just-starting-out-writer-me bad) at moderating length in hand-written stories. But I’m enjoying it when I get a smidgeon of time, or what little time I can snatch from the ever-incoming teeth of the Little Man.

Got a great order for The Placebo Emporium on Sunday, so that was delightful! I might just get to Mo*Con yet! (Makes mental note to register–eeeek!) Otherwise, I’m contemplating starting another editing project for the month of March and trying to get that polished and submitted by then. It technically violates the “finish one before starting the next” rule, but I’m more worried that my dragging feet on the current WiP will keep me from getting it done in March, too, and at least this way I’ll have another story ready to go out. And I’ve got a couple shorter-ish ones that might work and also fit into my writing mood at the moment. We’ll see as March dawns, though…

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