Today in Mommy-Land

Naps were tough to come by today, as we’re 95% sure we’re in the midst of a new teething session. Two naps (>30 min each) took place in the Bjorn, which meant no real “me” time. Still pretty proud that I managed to eat lunch.

Last night was a bit turbulent, so I’m hoping tonight’s at least not *worse*. So ready for the weekend… Have completely fallen off the T25 wagon, so need to get back into that, though tomorrow is probably *not* the day for it, as I’ll have no one around to watch the Little Man…

Today in Writer-Land

Actually finished a brief scene of an old story I’ve picked up recently (handwritten), and wrote a poem (hahahahahahahaaaaaa~!). No, but seriously, I wrote a very short poem.

I am not a poet. Dhalgren¬†originally made me try my hand at it, and from time to time I’ll give it a shot, but it’s an exercise more than a calling. I think all told I’ve composed a grand total of four–maybe five–very short poems that I’ve liked, even if I doubt they hold much artistic merit. It’s fun, though, to try to capture a very specific emotion through words.

So a tiny bit done today, which is better than nothing. This notebook is getting close to full, and there’s nothing this notebook-junkie likes more than filling every page with writing, even if some pages are just silly poems! :)

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