Plans Laid

Today in Mommy-Land

Hooray for the hubby being home for the weekend! It always feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders whenever he’s back home, even if only for a few days. The Little Man was super excited, too, and had to show Daddy his dinosaur growl, which has been his go-to sound effect for the past week. It’s also nice to have someone to hand him to when I need to eat or run to the bathroom. Two more pairs of hands would be sooooooo very nice. ^_^

Did a quick jaunt out to the ol’ B&N to pick up a couple gifts for the Little Man’s friend’s birthday party tomorrow, and to get some more food stuffs. He did very well all through B&N, even while Mommy and Daddy gawked over Settlers of Catan add-ons they can’t afford, and various models and books (which they also can’t afford). He got a bit cranky after the food run, and complained for about half the ride home, until he fell asleep and stayed asleep for almost two hours!

It’s the little victories, really… :)

Today in Writer-Land

Yet despite a delicious two hour nap, I got very little writing done. (Little = nothing.) But I did get that third rejection story from yesterday back out again, so that’s something at least! And I finalized my registration for Mo*Con in Indianapolis this spring, so that’s something, too! At least now I can’t forget to register.

Weekends are especially tough for getting much done, due to the hubby’s sporadic presence, it’s very difficult to want to skip out on time with him to get any writing work done. Maybe I’ll get a chance on Sunday to set a bit of time aside and plunge forward. Still need to determine what project I’m going to rework for March, but maybe during the drive tomorrow, I’ll get some brainstorming done.

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