Living Smaller… (In Theory)

Today in Mommy-Land

This weekend, I got a chance to dig through the nine boxes of “to read” that have been sitting out in my parents’ garage for the past couple of years. I’ve had a goal of keeping only 50 unread books in my “to read” pile, because even in a good year, I’m looking at maybe 25-30 books. Someday I’d love to get to King’s 70+ books a year, but that’s not now, and probably won’t be for a while. So 50 books is almost two years of reading if I only read those books.

I also wanted to generally downsize the sheer number of boxes of books we’ll be lugging around when we move in June/July. As of today, I’ve consolidated the “to read” list down to 50 (hooray!) and I’ve done the first major cull of my “to keep” books that I’ve read. *beams with productivity*

The Little Man took two pretty decent naps today. He seems to be settling into a morning and an afternoon nap routine (which would be lovely!). This afternoon, it was almost two hours! (WHAT?! *shock and awe*) I’ve got my fingers crossed, because my mother says I used to nap like that, and oh please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeease could he turn into a good napper? Pretty please?

Today in Writer-Land

Got a couple hand-written pages down in the notebook today, which was nice. I also got a chance to do a quick read-through of this month’s edit project, and I’m pleased to say I don’t think it’ll take too much ridiculous work to get it in shape. It needs about three scenes tacked on to the end to give it a better, rounded feel, but otherwise it’s not too shabby! That’s always nice for a change.

Also, got myself all situated this weekend for Mo*Con 10 in Indianapolis this spring! Hooray! I’ll be able to do a display of some of my Placebo Emporium stuff there, too, which is nice. ^_^

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