To the Moon…And Back

Today in Mommy-Land

Three day streak! Three day streak! Oh my word, this two substantial (1hr +) naps a day thing might actually stick! (At least, until he starts teething again…) Today, once again like clockwork, at about an hour and a half after waking and having breakfast, the Little Man went down for a nice, long nap. Then again around 1:30-2:30, he was winding up something terrible until I put him down for another nap, and then WHAM–out for two hours!


This predictable napping is making it possible to get a lot done. During the second nap, I did my episode of T25 that I’m doing in tandem with a friend of mine, and I boxed up those Powell’s donation books and got those out in the mail. That’s one major item off my to-do list! Chatted with the hubby when he called earlier (he’s on late ER shift tonight at the hospital–second to last day of long-distance! Wee!!). Even ate lunch! It’s a miracle. A MIRACLE! And that’s not even including:

Today in Writer-Land

In payment for having gotten diddly-squat done yesterday because I didn’t dare expect more than a few minutes during his second nap of the day…

I WROTE TWO WHOLE BRAND-NEW-SHINY SCENES for the WiP!!! That’s over 1000 new words!!! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!!<–(Count the exclamation points which increase excitement by ten degrees each time!)

Words! Words! New words!
Words! Words! New words!

I also managed to save the day thanks to my email hoarding tendencies, which has only confirmed that I shall continue to hoard my emails… XD

Hooray for meeeeeee~!

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