And They All Roll Over, and One Falls Out…

Story of my life right now. We’re thick into U-Wards, the Little Guy has gone back to only napping if held continuously, it’s Sunday–which means the PBS shows I like (currently Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge) are on today but won’t be on the PBS Roku channel until tomorrow–and none of the available Netflix shows I might normally watch sound appealing, and I’m jonesing to chop words out of the current short story WIP or draw, but immobilized as I am, can do neither. 

But that’s not related to the title of this post. I’ve been trying out some new things lately, mostly related to the daily schedule in the hopes of enhancing the joy in my writing work. It’s meant a lot of time spent determining what projects are really essential to work on, and which ones are busy work/driven by unrealistic personal deadlines (given my current time constraints). There’s been some good thinking spent on what my ultimate career goals are and how to develop a system to gradually move me closer to those things. I’ve set some time aside for drawing, which I’m coming to realize may be vital to keeping that creative joy alive. 

All in all, some things have been set aside and left to gather dust until I can make space in my life for them. Other things have been picked up again and seem to shine with a thrilling internal light. I’m going to follow that light for a while and see where it takes me. 

One of these days I’ll blog more. :) 

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