The Sunday Circle: 12.18.16

I’m on time! It’s a Christmas miracle! Okay, so I just got lucky today. Last week, I managed to get my WiP to my esteemed beta reader–K.–and so

This week, I’m working on: …not much of anything at all. Well, that’s not entirely true: I’m doing *tons* of things, just nothing writing-related. I’ve got some reading I could work on to try to end 2016’s reading challenge strong. If my beta reader comes back with mind-exploding, easily implemented changes that I simply cannot resist tackling because it’ll mean I can get the thing out by end of December, then great! But I’m counting on nothing other than the fact that I’m going to be racing to the Dec 24th deadline on a bunch of other things. I *might* actually write our Christmas letter/card, but we’ll see…

This week, I’m inspired by: Just finished The Crown, and really wish there were more. Ah well! I just started Jane the Virgin, and at least 20 minutes in, I’m having a lovely time, so that may substitute for a while as I feverishly craft into the wee evening hours. I’m absolutely head-over-heels with The Soul of an Octopus, which I’ve been listening to while tidying the house in the evenings, and it’s just been a delight to slip beneath the waves and try to comprehend a truly alien creature.

And Bota Boxes. The Nighthawk Black is delicious, and the ease and simplicity of not having to worry about the wine going bad for weeks, even if I only have a little glass now and then is liberating. There’s something about the simple reinvention of packaging wine for optimal post-opening longevity and quality that seems strangely futuristic to me. Maybe the future will slip up on us in small changes like this. ^_^

What I’m avoiding this week: Self-judgment. I’m taking the week to get done what I need to do, and next week, I’ll be back on the horse moving forward on edits. I’ve got a lovely master plan for next year (which will probably fall to tatters by February), but it seems focused and do-able. Otherwise, I’m avoiding writing the X-Mas letter. It’s been kind of another holding-pattern year, and I JUST DON’T WANT TO. But I think I’ve got an idea to make it more fun, so we’ll see how that goes.

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  1. A master plan sounds good, Maggie. Like you, sometimes my master plans fall apart but keep in mind it’s more of a road map and not an iron clad contract (otherwise I’d be in deep trouble!)

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