The Sunday C*cough*ircle…


Ugh. First day of the new year rolls around, all full of cheer and hope and optimistic goals, and I hit it face-first with a wretched cold that’s completely knocked me out. Hubby’s had it for a week and a half now, I’m hoping the crud Bug had last Thursday is the same thing, because I have no idea how I’ll deal with it if he catches this. I’m already functioning on several days’ disrupted sleep, and now sick, I just don’t have the energy reserves to do it all again.

It’s making it rather tough to make plans and set any expectations for the week, but if all goes well and I rally sooner rather than later, this’ll be my plan:

This week I’m working on: Implementing edits on the WiP in a full re-type from beginning to end. My cherished beta reader has done it once again, providing just the right cuing questions to make me look at the story anew, and make the necessary major changes. So I’ll be combining several characters (some major and some minor) into one, and try weaving in the myriad other tweaks and changes to bring some continuity to it.

Inspiring me this week: I’ve been really digging how the band Florence and the Machine compliment the biography about Shirley Jackson. I read the book months ago now, and yet everytime I listen to Ceremonials they just…go together. The aesthetic, themes, tone, everything–it’s been energizing, though as yet I’m not sure where the energy will go yet.

Also, still neck-deep in knitting. I’ve moved finally from squares of straight knit or purl stitches into actually working some simple patterns. I’m finding that it requires just enough attention and focus to serve as a kind of active meditation, which after the last couple weeks, I really, really need.

What I’m avoiding: At this point, I’d be happy to have the energy to actively avoid anything. At this point, I’m just trying to get better so I can focus on a computer screen without giving myself a headache. :\ And a thrilling start to 2017!

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