Day 1: The Journey Begins

In Which I Apply Fingers to Keys and Introduce a Troubled Family…

I’m starting a novel. To be fair, I’ve been planning on starting this book since mid-late 2016, though the idea has been kicking around for years. But this year, I’m tackling it. And one of the things I wanted to do this time through was keep a record of my progress and process. For the record: I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve written a couple novel-length things in the past, but never worked on them beyond the rough (rough) draft. This year, I decided to focus solely on writing a book, including editing to the point where I could send it to beta readers for the first time.

Today is the technical beginning of that, though to be fair I actually started Monday. I’m hoping to keep these daily posts (weekdaily, anyway) short and to the point. So without further ado!:

Project Title: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Genre: YA – Dark Fantasy
Words Today: 1,175
Running Total: 1, 708
Scrap Draft: 2,100

I’ve been working on this opening for a couple days now, trying to find the right tone and voice and style and detail. I think today I finally hit on it. Yesterday’s work set the stage for it, but I realized I had resolved the initial scene’s issue too easily, so today I doubled back to complicate things, and it seems to have done the job. It opened up a voice and and style I really like, and I think it’s really enhanced the introduction of my main characters. So a good job today, and feeling very pleased with myself, which is a nice way to end a session for a change.


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