Day 7: The I Don’t Wannas

In Which Our Heroine Plots A Minor Mutiny

Project Title: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Genre: YA – Dark Fantasy
Words Today: 1, 152
Running Total: 4,649
Scrap Draft: 4,329

Pre-Writing Notes: I DON’T WAAAAANNAAAAAA…*sobs* I’ve got nothing tonight. I can feel it. I’m tired. I want to knit. Or sleep. Or play Minecraft…UGH. I’m bored with where I’m going. I’m bored with the characters. I just want to WALK AWAY and FORGET THIS EVER HAPPENED. But ugggggh can’t do that. So I will write. Something. SO not into this next scene. Jump ahead? Switch POVs? There’s GOT to be something I can do….

Post-Writing Notes: I put in the pre-writing notes tonight (which I wrote literally two minutes before sitting down to work while my tea was steeping) because I was feeling so painfully ANTI-WRITE, and I’ve always been curious about how the memory of nights like this always fade away when I think back on previous projects. I NEVER FELT LIKE THAT WITH X PROJECT! I think, but I know that I did, even if I can’t remember for what sections.

Tonight, I put on a new, peppy Pandora channel, blasted it into my ears to drown out the “UGH” feeling, and got down to it. And actually, I don’t hate it. I may hate it tomorrow, but tonight, I’m feeling pretty chuffed. I muscled through the blahs and dug deep and found a way to break through the first part of the scene which felt boring and stupid, and got right to the meat of it, bypassing a few problems that had contributed to the ugh feeling. All in all, it’s serviceable, and after how painfully I did not want to work on anything tonight, I’ll take it.

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