The Sunday Circle: 3.25.17

For details on what the Sunday Circle is, swing by author Peter M. Ball’s site, found here!

What I’m working on this week: Well, last week, I was hoping to break through the end of Act I in the latest version of the novel WiP, but mulligan’ed a few scenes. I’m very close to wrapping Act I–probably three, maybe four scenes away–and I did hit 20k on the redraft, so I’m feeling pretty good about hitting 24k to recoup February’s lost words. So this week, I’m hoping to wrap Act I for real.

What’s inspiring me this week?: Being generally still sick (fluctuating between 55%-75% better, depending on the time of day, it seems) and exhausted, and sick of being exhausted, I find I’m gravitating towards reeeeeeally mindless entertainment this week. Namely, Outback Truckers and Highway Thru Hell, because I’m on a trucking kick. A couple years ago, I’d enjoyed Ice Road Truckers and…there’s another one I can’t think of the title off the top of my head…so on one particularly blah evening, I started OT and then have been watching HTH with the kiddo, because the Canadians bleep most of their swears, which makes it a bit more 2.5yo friendly. (OT is my grownup treat in the evenings after Bug has gone to bed, and I’ve gotten my writing done.) Gosh, I love this stuff though. Somehow watching these drivers digging their three-trailer rigs out of flooded streams is oddly therapeutic when slogging through a rough draft…

What am I avoiding this week?: I have been absolutely wretched about reading. Still. This time last year, I’d read nine books. This year? Two. I’m starting to get the feeling that with my short evening allotment of free time, writing for an hour (or more) kind of sucks the words out of me, and when I’m done, I just have no desire to look at more words for an hour or so. I’ve been picking through a YA on my kindle once I drag myself to bed, and I am making a little progress there. I also renewed Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer on audiobook from the library, so I’ve been listening to a little of that (though sinus headaches had limited my willingness to put on headphones lately–you feel every word in your nose!). I’m chipping away at it; the motivation just isn’t there. Probably just need to start setting a timer for five or ten minutes, just to make progress on some of the other things I’m half-reading at the moment…

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Circle: 3.25.17”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a rough time of it health-wise Maggie. Between that and the parenting a toddler, I think it’s amazing that you have time to do any writing, let alone reading. You’re doing an awesome job, don’t beat yourself up about taking a bit of time off from reading.

    1. Thanks Ree–it has been very frustrating health-wise this past week. And you’re right that I should probably be easier on myself about the reading–so often I really just want to do it all, right now! (I think I’ve got Stephen King’s 4 hours writing/4 hours reading schedule stuck in my brain as the ideal writing schedule, but for me anything like that will be a long way off yet!) And I may need to take some time to practice some self-kindness, regardless!

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