Day 76: Plot Holes

No new words or major changes today–just needed to sit down and do some deliberate thinking about some gaps in the plot. Came up with some freaking fantastic twists over the weekend…but of course none of them resolve the main issue I’ve run into with this particular chunk of the story. SO. Spend a good hour and a half puzzling and puzzling and have come up with…nnnneyah, not much. Did lots of research (which feels fruitless at the moment, but some of it did rule out what I don’t want to do), and am kind of brain-drained and annoyed. Need to really take a look at the plot structure I’d planned on and see if maybe there’s another way to work it, or to enhance it, so it doesn’t get repetitive. Have some great new details for later in the plot! (*mumbles* If I ever get there…)

The annoying thing is, I’m not even sure how much these details actually even matter. I mean, they’re kind of peripheral to the main storyline, so I feel like wasting much time on them is somewhat pointless, but I’m having a hard time just glossing over them, too. Meh.

This is kind of the opposite spectrum of the “This-Is-Amazing” Zone High. It’s just…blah and flat and sludgy and buh. Bloated with facts and figures which seem to have no bearing on the actual story, and creatively constipated on any clear idea on how to make progress through it. Which I remind myself is neither a foreign feeling while writing, nor is it the end-all-be-all feeling that will somehow dominate. I’ve felt this way before and sometimes it just takes some thought, or jumping ahead, which I may need to do for a while to keep feeling like I’m making progress…

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