The Sunday Circle: 4.23.17

Missed last week, but am back now! The last two weeks have been something of a mixed bag. I’ve kind of hit that point in the story where glaring issues are starting to pop up that I’m going to need to spend some serious time thinking about, but after a couple days wrestling with a few of these issues, I’ve realized they may have to be Draft 2 issues, because otherwise I’m going to stall-out hard. SO! With a few tweaks in mind, I’m plunging forward. I’ve got a fairly detailed train-of-consciousness outline up to the climax which I’m clinging to like a tangled root off the side of a cliff, and so far just knowing it’s there (even when I deviate) is so, so helpful.

This week, I’m working on: Plugging ahead. At this point, I’m just trying to get a good chunk of words done and maybe–maybe!–hit midpoint by the end of the month. (My outline significantly bumped up the midpoint, so that’s helpful.)

This week, I’m inspired by: Bargue drawings, watercolor, and composition. Been really fixated on art lately, as I haven’t been indulging that impulse for much, much too long. Am signing up for a drawing class probably in July, and am out-of-my-mind excited about that (and about getting out of the house one night a week to do something entirely different). I love reading about composition, too, and the methods of guiding the viewer’s eye; I’m 95% certain there’s some writing-applicable elements there, but haven’t quite parsed how to adapt it to text.

This week, I’ve been avoiding: Ugh, back to reading (sort of–I’ve been reading about art a lot, but not fiction, so much). After finishing a couple books in the last couple weeks, I’ve gone full slug again. But my audiobook finally became available again, so I’m going to try to find ways to fit that in (and also tackle the other thing I’ve been avoiding: housework). Have determined that the ebook I’ve got currently is about a hundred times too creepy for me to read right before bed, so I need to work that in earlier in the day when the sun is bright and shiny.


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