Day 90: Back at the Helm

In Which Our Heroine Avoids an Unwelcome Visitor

Project Title: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Genre: YA – Dark Fantasy
Words Today: 1,759
Running Total: 50,078
Scrap Draft: (V1.0 = 31,142), V2.0 = 13,766

Officially across the 50k barrier! Still working out exactly how things play out in the next few chapters, but at least am making progress. I meant to post Friday (because I was taking it off originally in exchange for Sunday, because my husband’s weekend was shifted a day (Fri/Sat), and I anticipated it being difficult to work), but forgot, so I’m starting up again today. Took Friday off, and then Sunday, too, because sometimes one just has to throw caution to the wind, and I’d hit my end-of-month goal already, so I’m in a solid place. A three-day weekend for hitting midpoint! And now, it’s May, so I’m back at it, plunging towards End Act II (hopefully) by the end of the month. I’d really, really like to have the rough draft tackled in entirety by the end of June, and I think that may actually be possible. If so, I’m then hoping to set it aside for a month and then come back to begin a proper edit on it. (That’s the scary, uncharted territory for me…EEK. But I’m not going to think about it now. NOT THINKING ABOUT IT NOW.)

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