Day 93: Towing the Line

In Which Our Heroine Gains a Clue and Regains Allies

Project Title: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Genre: YA – Dark Fantasy
Words Today: 1,276
Running Total: 55,839
Scrap Draft: (V1.0 = 31,142), V2.0 = 12,225

Good progress today. So far, the extended outline holds, though I know once I get my heroine back to town, things are absolutely going to get shaken up a bit, and it may need to be completely revised…again… But all in all, it’s moving forward without being too painful. I’m annoyed that I’m not so completely comfortable with the characters in hand to simply know how they’d be and react, and that’s going to be a definite Draft 2 edit pass. I still long for the simplicity of writing the good ol’ fan fiction that–of course, in hindsight–seems to have just fallen into place without any effort at all. (Even though I know the last third was a nightmare to get right, and painful to get through, and things never just fell into place, even with 140k of solid work to support its climax…) I’m 100% aware that that project was a different story, written at a different time, under different expectations. I never had to worry about publishing that one, because I knew where it was going, and that it would never need to be revised, because it was purely for my own entertainment. I’m trying to channel a little of that philosophy into this one, but it is harder, knowing that I will absolutely have to come back to it to fix it up, and knowing that I do want this to be a book I both finish (to some semblance of The Best I Can Do) and perhaps even submit someday. Also, I’m writing it a hell of a lot faster than I wrote the fan fiction (which more often than not went upwards of 8-12 months between chapters, written on the odd weekend between other projects, which it why it took ten years to finish…) So inherently, it’s not going to be as completely charged with urgency, because as much as I’d like to conjure up the kind of urgency I felt every time I sat down after those 8-12 months, brimming with ideas and hyper-charged to get them on paper, I simply can’t sustain that kind of energy for day-to-day work. But then, I’ll also have a rough draft done in less than six months, rather than ten years, so that’s something.

And it’s not that far off from how I felt while writing the fan fiction. It’s much, much closer to the joy and excitement I’ve been trying to find in writing for the past year or so, and that is a triumph in and of itself. So I’ll keep plugging forward, and keep working up the energy to do it day in and day out, and hopefully in the end, I’ll have a draft that isn’t so wretched I can’t look it in the face….

Also, I’d love to say I’ll write tomorrow, but the husband has a three day weekend, and I’m going to take one, too. We don’t get them that often, and I don’t want to be feeling guilty for going out and enjoying life for a while. It’s fiction’s fodder, right? :)

See you Monday!

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