Day 104: Leapfrog

In Which Our Heroine Prepares for a Mission

Project Title: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Genre: YA – Dark Fantasy
Words Today: 1,539
Running Total: 64,602
Scrap Draft: (V1.0 = 31,142), V2.0 = 12,478

Chipping away, but had to jump ahead a chapter, because all of my pre-writing thinking for the day oriented on the heroine, when in actuality, I’d finished that chapter and needed to move back to the hero, whom I had not thought about at all…yeah… So we’re writing Chapter 17 instead of Chapter 16, and I’ll just have to remember (probably next week) to go back and write 16 once I’ve had some time to flesh it out in my mind. Still, charging ahead, somewhat off the tracks and uncertain where it’s leading, but the tension is growing, so I’m taking that as a good sign that I’m on the right track. We’ll see how it goes.

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