Day 118: Temporary Ceasefire

No new words today, and probably not for the next handful of days. After yesterday–where I got the writing done–I spent the evening mapping out everything that needed to be done between down and B-Day, and there’s so. much. to. do.

So while I probably could squeak 1000 words in tonight, doing so would make my head explode, and frankly, I’d rather be a little relaxed for impending B-Day. I’m at a good place, narratively, so I’m not worried about making up the word counts. I’ve got a ton to do B-Day prep-wise, and it’s not going to do itself. Besides, Bug only turns three once, and I’ve got a killer birthday cake planned (that just might kill me to make, but DAMN I’m going to try!).

Look for me…no more…

(Or, at least, not until at least Monday, but probably more like Tuesday or Wednesday.)

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