The Sunday Circle: Actually on SUNDAY! 06.24.18

Keeping it brief today, but wanted to get a check in up!

What am I working on this week?
This week, I really need to finish the rewrite on a short story and get it submitted by Friday. I decided a few weeks ago when I re-engaged the “writing 500 words a day” goal that another goal I want to shoot for is submitting one new story a month. With the amount of writing I’ve gotten done in the past two weeks, that honestly should be quite do-able, even while working on a few longer-form novel projects in various stages.

What’s inspiring me this week?
Just finished One Breath which ended on a strong note (which is the best, most satisfying feeling). The physiology of pushing the human body to the max of its abilities is something I find completely enthralling (from the safety and comfort of my armchair, thank you).

Also, on a less exciting–well, thrilling, but in a bad way–note, I’ve finally gotten a backup hard drive (we’ve had one, but it’s formatted wrong for my mac, which is why I keep *thinking* I have one, but don’t…) because my computer was acting a bit funky today in a freaky weird, why the hell is it doing that, kind of way. I’ve been meaning to go through all our pictures and videos at some point and make some photobooks via Shutterfly so we’ll actually *look* at the pictures, but I keep putting it off as more urgent things come up. But the fluttering weirdness has made me realize that while I’ve got a somewhat cobbled-together backup system for writing (including some cloud backup), I haven’t made much progress on backing up the photos and videos. So *that’s* kind of my focus this week: get the photos backed up and saved, and off my computer. Next month, I’m hoping I’ll have time to compile a three-years-length photo book with all our desperately “we cannot lose these” photos in it, and from there on, I want to create a system for uploading, cataloging, and deleting unwanted photos on a monthly basis to keep it from getting out of hand. Data hoarding! BAH!

What action do I need to take?
I’ve done great on reading and writing these past two weeks, but what I reeeeally need to do is sit my tail down and write an account of our 10th anniversary trip to Montreal (which we took *last* weekend). It was our first trip to Canada, and we had a blast, even just for a single night (we live only about five hours away, yet had never gone–sheesh, how lame is that?), and I don’t want it to fade into the background and be totally forgotten. It’s already bad enough that it’s a week late, but I still remember things pretty clearly, and don’t want to let it get any further out!

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