The Sunday Circle: 09.09.18

Made a good start on the novel rewrite last week, even with the kiddo having a sick day on Friday. Ended up with a first chapter, which I’m hoping to review today in order to get my head in the right place for Monday.

What am I working on this week?
This week, I’m diving into Chapter 2 of the novel rewrite, and keeping up the 1k/day goal. I managed to hit it every day last week, so it seems a reasonable goal. I *would* like to make some time to start the rewrite of a short story I’m hoping to get out to markets by the end of the month, but that may mean setting aside some time either on a weekend or choosing one day a week to focus solely on that. If I get back to my ordinary pace of closer to 1k/hour, I may have time after the chapter’s work to take a stab at the short piece, but the novel rewrite gets priority.

What’s inspiring me this week?
Still plunging through Work Clean, and very much still enjoying it (and my kitchen is still unnervingly tidy!). Making my way through Quakeland, too, and while it’s interesting, I’m not finding it as engaging as I was hoping it would be. It may simply be an issue of too-high expectations, but I’m hoping to wrap it up this week.

Also just watched Otherlife the other night with Andy, and really enjoyed it. The idea of giving someone a prison sentence within their own mind that feels like X number of years but actually only takes five minutes in the real world is absolutely haunting. It sounds great on paper, but really thinking through the ramifications of that gives me the heebie-jeebies. And it was science-y enough that the neurologist beside me only complained about the nasal tube for a long-term coma patient and the portrayal of the seizure (though one could argue that the seizure occurred within Ren’s mind, and therefore *would* perpetuate the common misconceptions about seizures unless she had witnessed any actual seizures in her life from which to cue the memory). But overall, he complained much less than usual, and about such a neuro-based concept, that’s like a 9/10 from him. XD

What action do I need to take?
I need to look at what I need to get done for the short story to get it out by the end of the month, and break that into reasonable chunks I can schedule into my day. I also need to find Bug a new PCP, since insurance changed again (RAWR) and we can’t see our usual pediatrician anymore. Bah.

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