This Post Brought to You By: Germs

That’s right, I’m sick. Because, of course, Bug started school last week, and then got sick, and that means I’m sick, too. (Fun Fact: In the sickness-induced zombie apocalypse, the mothers go first.) But despite this, I at least managed to write 1k on the novel rewrite and 700 on a short story rewrite I’ve been avoiding. So not a terrible day, productivity-wise.

I definitely need to spend more time just thinking before I tackle a chapter. But that means I need to schedule time for thinking, which is difficult. Especially when sick. But! I remind myself: I wrote even with my nose pouring snot out like a fountain, so that’s got to be some kind of “serious author” bingo point, right?

And now, excuse me. I’m going to stuff tissues up my nose and watch Victoria…

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