Random Inspirations

A while ago, I started following author Sophie Overett’s blog via the Sunday Circle group hosted by Peter M. Ball, and I became totally obsessed with her “Friday Finds” posts. They always consisted of a brief list of cool things, from videos, to photo galleries, to articles, and inevitably there were at least two or three things in any list that seriously made my weekends more informed and, honestly, just more fun. Sadly, she’s discontinued her blog for the time being to focus on other work (completely understandable–blogging takes a lot of time, I’m realizing!), but I thought perhaps I could keep the memory of those delightful Friday Find posts alive here, reincarnated as Random Inspirations posts. I don’t know that they’ll be every week (I’ll try), and I don’t know if they’ll end up on Fridays or on Wednesdays when we all need a little distraction from the grind, but we’ll play it by ear. And while I can’t promise to be as epic a curator of the interwebs as Overett herself, perhaps I can share a few of the cool things I come across from time to time.

Like this post on The Cut about Anna Delvey, a conwoman extrodinaire who took the New York socialite scene by storm (and by wallet) / or this song I’ve become obsessed with by Empathy Test because damn, it’s so sad, but so pretty /  or this post by Chuck Wendig about the evolution of a mad twitter feed horror story between him and author Sam Sykes that is now a movie I REALLY want to see. Do yourself a favor and read the original feed story, too–it’s delightful.

P.S. – And do yourself a favor and check out all of Sophie Overett’s “Friday Finds” here!

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