The Sunday Circle: Revived

Last week was a solidly good week, despite a school cancellation on Monday. Managed to finish the rewrite of Story #2, and even tackled an unexpected rewrite of Story #3, so feeling pretty good about things. #3 still needs some conceptual work–a couple of scenes don’t sit well together, and there’s something about the overarching theme that’s still a teeny bit off–but it’s closer to done now than it was before.

What am I working on this week?
This week, I’m hoping to a) not catch whatever ickiness Bug has come down with (we were due: it’s been almost a month since he was sick last), and b) assuming marginal functionality, start (and maybe complete) the edits on one or two of the stories I’m hoping to get out by the end of the month. Since March started a bit late due to health stuff in February, I may take an extra week at the beginning of April to finish edits, but I’m hoping I won’t have to. All three stories are in decent shape, so some focused polishing should get them close to ready.

What’s inspiring me this week?
Andy and I finally started watching Breaking Bad this week–I know! I know! Way late to the party on this one–and we’ve been enjoying it, though the end of the second season and beginning of the third have felt…a little scrambled. So we’re hoping it hasn’t jumped the shark already.

I also just discovered the Formula One docu-series about F1 drivers and the sport on Netflix, which is right up my ally. I love shows that go deep into an elite sport and examine not only what it’s like to be in the thick of things, but also the dedication and sacrifices we don’t always see from the outside. It’s one of those “pinnacle of excellence” kind of studies, like Jiro Dreams of Sushi or Jockeys (which was also fabulous, and taught me a lot about the industry of horse racing that I did not know previously) or The Hollywood Complex.

I’m almost to the end of my portraiture class, and we’re rounding the bend on the painting portion of the class. I’ve still got so much left to do before this is what I would call “done” (yesterday was essentially just working on the dress and hair), but it’s starting to come together, anyway, which I’m pretty thrilled about!

What action do I need to take?/What am I struggling with? In all truth, things are going pretty well right now. The biggest factor for how this week goes, though, is Bug, and how he’s feeling. My schedule gets completely thrown if he’s home from school or if he can’t sleep well at night, so fingers crossed it’s just a quick cold!

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