Work Performed

I feel like a thousand bucks right now. I just polished up and submitted a story I COMPLETELY LOVE. Guys, this is rare. I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I love it or a bad thing that I love it, but it’s been polished to within an inch of its life (and right into that perfect short-story sweet-spot of under 5000 words–*sigh of delight*). I wrapped up the edit on it this morning, gave it the ol’ Read-Aloud for smoothness/continuity/sense-making, and after making a few tweaks, I wrote up an itinerary for it and GOT IT OUT.

I’m literally grinning from ear to ear. It may go nowhere. It’s pretty darn dark. But seriously, I love this story, and even if it doesn’t place anywhere, I’m damn proud of it. Now if it wanted to go somewhere, that’d be okay, too…just saying…


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