Project Notes: Beginning Again – The Third Draft

So yesterday, I officially started penning the third draft of the WiP: The Mistress of Frosthaven. While this isn’t the first ground-breaking on this story, I have hopes it’ll be the most thoughtful and cohesive yet, having done a lot of soul and plot-searching after the first draft. But this is the year I get the third draft written down. I’ve got an outline. I’ve got ideas. I’m ready. So I thought I might track the progress here, to keep myself on target.

Project: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Word Count: 2,919
What Happened?: Had breakfast and received a charm for turning (mostly) invisible.

Progress Notes: Yesterday’s writing, which I was heavily dreading, actually worked really well, and the first 1,500 words flew by, but today was a bit tougher. I found myself back-tracking more, and just generally meandering, and not digging as deeply as I could. I hit the points I needed to hit, but just feel meh about it. But that’s often how it goes: one good day followed by a meh day. We’ll see how tomorrow feels. At least it’s a start!

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