Progress Notes: OR, How I Made Less Out of More

Meant to update yesterday, but things got busy and I–well–I forgot. Anyway, I did make some progress on the novel WiP on Thursday, primarily cutting back what I’d done the past two days and rehashing to more interesting scenes and STILL not feeling like I’ve got my feet under me (because yay drafting…) And today, when I should have taken a second run at it, I instead found myself obsessed with a story about non-sentient skin-ships that eat and fart for propulsion and interstellar semen and workplace drama and no-kill shelters. Because I just can’t NOT write about that! So on the one hand, I have a new rough draft short story tentatively titled, “Failure to Thrive,” which needs a frick-ton of work and fleshing out at some undisclosed time in the future, and on the other, I have not moved the novel project forward…so there’s that.

But given how rarely I’m taken by a short story idea these days, I felt the need to strike while the idea was hot, so I did. And I kind of love the implications of this fantasy-space world. Just saying. So I’m not sorry I did this; at the point at which I’m constantly interrupting my novel work to write new short stories, I’ll deal with isolating time for the book draft, but that would be a lovely problem to have, so right now, I’m not worrying about it. Book work will pick up again next week. Happy weekend, all!

Project: The Mistress of Frosthaven
Word Count Total: 3,960
Today’s Word Count: 0

Project: Failure to Thrive
Word Count Total: 3,730
Today’s Word Count: (see above)

Not a horrible week, despite lots of rewriting/backdrafting, so we’ll see if next week can pick things up a bit. Oh! I also submitted another story to an anthology call. We’ll see how it goes!

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