Progress Notes: Day 10

Can I just say how much I’m loving my morning routine right now? I’m like–seriously–you guys. I get Bug to school, then do a two mile run/walk (I’m working up to 3 miles running via the NHS couch-to-5k podcast, which is excellent, btw). After that, I come home, stretch, and take a quick shower, then make a cup of french press coffee with freshly ground beans (sooooo decadent!) and have a little breakfast while I write at least some of my three “morning pages” (à la The Artist’s Way). I don’t always have time to do all three, just because at this point, I’m pushing 9:30 if not 9:45, and I have to get Bug by 10:40. But I write the pages while I have breakfast, then head up to my desk with the coffee to write my 1k/day.

It feels like a Murakami-type schedule, so punctual and streamlined, and I feel so good. The running takes the anxious buzz out of me, so when I sit down to write, the writing goes faster and easier, like I’m already warmed up. The body’s tired and the brain’s ready to go! Whether it’ll help when I start hitting sticky bits, I’ve yet to see, but so far, it’s my favorite morning routine by a long-shot. And I miss it on days when I can’t (or am supposed to not) run. I’m hoping I can work up to 3 mi in 30 minutes, and be able to do that daily, because I so need this energy burn first thing! (I think it helps, too, because getting up and getting moving is easier, I think, than getting up and getting my brain going right off: the jogging feels harder, but it’s easier to just do it, and then the writing feels joyously simple to start on afterwards.)

Current Progress (blue): 11095 / 100000 words. 11% done!

Estimated Progress (red): 10000 / 100000 words. Deadline: 9/6/2019

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