Progress Notes: Day 20

Despite houseguests and lingering sicky-ness (it’s much better, but DANG is it hanging on…), I still managed to get my 1k/day done. Woohoo! I’m quite proud of myself for that, despite several days where I just did. not. want. to. But I got my crap together and sat down and punched out the words, and I don’t hate it. There are certain segments that will definitely need some fleshing out and amping up, but it’s moving forward, and I successfully hit the end of Act One this week, which was my primary goal. So all in all, not a fun week, but a productive week, and a week I’m rather proud of.

Current Progress (blue): 22808 / 100000 words. 23% done!

Estimated Progress (red): 20000 / 100000 words. Due Date: 9/6/19

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