Progress Notes: Day 23

Got a little behind schedule the last couple days due to Bug’s getting Croup again (sigh). So he’s been home getting better, and that’s meant different plans during the day, and in the evenings I’ve been so tired and rather sick myself still, that I just could not muster the energy to tackle the next scenes. But, I’m hoping tomorrow he’ll be doing much better–he was doing better today, though now he’s all sniffles and coughing again (pleeeeeze be healthy again!)–in which case I’ll be going over to a friends to do a Book Bootcamp session, which I’m hoping could net me 3k in a sitting, though that may be a bit optimistic. I usually nail about 1.5k-ish per day, so it’s really just finding the stamina to complete two days worth of writing. I think I can manage that by jumping ahead to future scenes. I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage the stamina on sequential scenes, but we’ll see. I could certainly use the words-buffer as this week has freaked me out on how productive I’ll be this summer when the regular school routine ends. Finding ways to hack my own energy level in the evening–even just for a little bit–will be key.

Current Progress (blue): 24232 / 100000 words. 24% done!

Estimated Progress: 23000 / 100000 words. Due Date: 9/6/19

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