Progress Notes: Day 35

This week was surprisingly tough. Besides some big family news, and the lingering mental health stuff, as well as Andy being on vacation (which is good, but also disruptive to the ordinary routine), getting a lock on words this week was nigh on impossible. There were days I just…could not. There were other days I could squeak out a little. I dropped my required word count temporarily to 500/day, simply because sitting down to hammer out 1k/day just seemed too impossible.

It’s also likely that this particularly complex period in my life also happened to hit RIGHT at the point in the book where ordinarily I’d hit a kind of energy lag–just after that 20k point, where suddenly you’re sure the book is crap, you’re crap, the writing is crap, the plot is nonsensical, and you’re just wasting your time (and possibly your life) pursuing this whole writing thing. So in some ways, it may have been something of a perfect storm.

But that just makes it all the more amazing to me that despite ALL of that, despite days of not writing a word this week, I actually managed to hit my word count goal for this week. I’m so proud of myself for that, because it was hard won. But I squeaked in just over the line at the last minute (precisely 27 words over the line), meaning next week I begin on schedule. I’ve lost most of my sizable lead on my original projected timeline, but as things seem to be settling back down again, I’m hoping I’ll be able to bump my time back up to 1k/day and that usually adds a little extra to the pot each day. We’ll just have to wait and see. If that’s not quite enough to rebuild the buffer, I may try to take on 500/day on the weekends.

Current Progress (blue): 35027 / 100000 words. 35% done!

Estimated Progress (red): 35000 / 100000 words. Due Date: 9/6/19

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