Friday Update: Snow Days, No Naps, and the Winning Streak

Hello again from Newbabyton! This week’s been something of a wash, thanks to a snow day and a late start day, AND at least one day where G-bug decided naps were lame, so didn’t get anything done. But overall, I did manage to read a few stories and did write 500 words x3, so that’s something.

In addition, I learned I sold another story! That’s three in almost as many months. “Rhapsody in Flesh Minor,” my dark SF story about a painter in LEO confronted by a horrific alien seeking to absorb him, will appear in the anthology Negative Spaces from Dark Peninsula Press in May 2020. Very excited to sell this one! It’s an odd little tale (just barely 2k), but I’ve always really liked it.

Also managed to submit a couple of stories that had been sitting around for a few weeks, so that felt good, too. All this with a hacking cough that I believe is the long-tail end of a cold we’ve all been battling (some more successfully than others, directly proportional to the amount of nighttime sleep hours). I’d really love to spend some of G-Bug’s infancy not sick.

As for this next week, I’m going to try for 3×500 again, and try for reading a story/day. Once those two habits are re-established, we’ll really be cooking with gas again! :)

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