Mornings and Afternoons

Today in Mommyland…

Here’s a snapshot of my morning: Get up with Goldbug, feed him, come downstairs. Make coffee for Andy (he usually makes it for me, but today he has patient calls, so I offered) using the aeropress (#bestcoffeeevah), which is our latest coffee obsession.* Deliver his coffee to his office, come downstairs, ask B-Bug to turn down the TV a bit, Goldbug getting fussy. Empty aeropress, but manage to eject the grounds ALL OVER THE FLOOR instead of into the trash. Stop to clean up grounds, rinse aeropress, start brewing my own cup of coffee. Peppa Pig blaring behind Goldbug’s growing irritation mewls. B-Bug wants strawberries. Ok, gimme a sec. During 45 second brew time (with stopwatch!), fetch strawberries from fridge. They’re still good. Phew! Don’t forget the time! Finish aeropress, successfully dump grounds this time, wash aeropress lightly, put away. Pick out best strawberries and rinse. Goldbug is NOT happy! Deliver strawberries. B-Bug also wants a banana. Ok, finish the strawberries first. Ok, he can do that. Sit down with Goldbug to feed him. Breathe for the first time since getting up. Sip coffee.



Today in Writerland…

Although I tried to get Goldbug down for a nap around the same time as yesterday, he wasn’t having it (in fact, slept only long enough for me to throw together a little lunch–not eat it, mind, just put it together). So I didn’t get a proper chance to sit down and get words on the page until just now, around 1PM. So far, he’s been in and out of sleep, but he’s been happy enough to let me work uninterrupted, which means I’ve gotten 1,300 words down! Woohoo! Plowing ahead on a new book rough draft, just to focus on something new for a change. If these writing session times start becoming more regular, I may be able to dive back into rewriting and editing some shorter works, but for now, picking away at a novel is easier. That said, despite having thought through the events of the chapter yesterday, today’s session was sluggish. I feel like I was just shovelling word salad onto the page, wasting precious time and not really developing much. But ah well, can’t have a great day everyday. At least I got something done!

Aaaand, he’s awake. Time to go!

*Andy is our resident coffee maven (à la the immaculately stylish James Hoffman, and up until a few weeks ago had been experimenting with various grinds for our French Press. After an unfortunate accident predicated by precarious stacking of extra pandemic foodstuffs (it was me), the French Press carafe got smashed , we decided that while we waited for a replacement carafe, instead of not having coffee (HORROR), we’d pick up a Chemex pour-over which I’d been wanting for when we have guests so we don’t have brew four French Press rounds (and also I saw it on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, and I’m a sucker…). Target said they had them in stock (this was pre-stay-at-home orders), so Andy went to get it. Except they didn’t have it, so he picked up an aeropress which they oddly did have. He’s been talking about getting one for ages as a travel option for fresh coffee. And now it’s our favorite brew method! (And filtered, so in theory a bit healthier than French Press, though the FP seems to produce a richer flavor profile…)

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