The Frank Lloyd Wright of Blocks…

Today in Mommyland…

Helped B-Bug with some of his school work this morning (they’re supposed to be studying electricity this week), which involved finding some age-appropriate videos about electricity that could actually hold his attention. Thank goodness for Bill Nye! He’s just the right age for that show, and seems to really like the frenetic pacing of it. And he did actually do some good work on a booklet about electricity that showed he’d actually learned a little something about it.

More impressively, though, he built a “jail” out of his blocks today (without any help, mind) that was FREAKING AMAZING. And I know, I know, I’m his mom, so I have to think it’s amazing, and maybe I’ve just been socially isolated a WEE BIT too long and have forgotten what actual architecture looks like, but seriously, it was nicer than anything I’ve ever built out of blocks.


(Just as an aside, Andy and I just finished watching Parasite and Chernobyl, and BOTH are awesome and definitely live up to the hype. If you need something to actually make you fell BETTER about the whole virus pandemic insanity, radiation poisoning is SO, SO much scarier, imho…)

Today in Writerland…

Managed to snatch a few words after Goldbug fell asleep on me, and then finished out the 500 when he fell asleep after a bottle around 1:30pm. It didn’t take too long for me to hit the wall on this section of writing, realizing pretty quickly I was including a lot more info than I needed. So I jumped ahead a bit, dropped some unnecessary for now info, and plowed ahead into Sidrie’s next scene. I’m already seeing how a summary draft can be beneficial, if only as a jump-off point (and a much needed one, since I don’t have to re-conceptualize the entire chapter prior to sitting down to write: I can just look at the summary, say “Ah! That’s where I was!” and then plow onward.). In an ideal world, I’d have the time to both re-read and tweak what I wrote the day before, and THEN add new words (2k at my best–oh, what a lovely amount to write! But I’ll take 500 for now…), but this is far from an ideal world, so you know, one does what one can. At least I’m getting some writing done.

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