Zooming Kindergartners

Today in Mommyland…

We were getting cabin fever today, so took a little drive around town just before lunch. We had to get back by 1pm, because B-Bug’s class was having a Zoom meeting. Can I just say, all the hilarious “what not to do in a work meeting video conference” memes are dwarfed by the insanity of trying to conduct a Zoom meeting with twelve kindergarteners? Add in bad connections and the fact that the kids just don’t “get” it, and a few parents attending FOR their child who is NOT interested (and forgetting to mute) and it’s one wild hour.

Finished the upstairs “virtual tour” videos for the landlord, so need to send that tomorrow…

Today in Writerland…

Missed my one opportunity due to a surprisingly short nap and a need to finish cleaning up the bedroom for the “tour.” Have I ever mentioned how much I hate moving?

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