Today in Mommyland…

So, haven’t managed to get anything written, much less updated here, for the past few days. Goldbug has been especially demanding and his naps have been short and rocky, and he’s fountaining drool, so I suspect we’re entering teething territory. Poor little guy, he’s been so fussy even when eating that I haven’t been able to write by hand or even try to prop up a book to read. A cold pacifier seems to help when he just can’t focus on eating. Of course, with the pandemic raging, I always end up worrying that it’s more than just teething, but he doesn’t have a fever and he seems otherwise his cheery self, and he has been especially interested in chewing on things lately, which is new for him, so that all does point to teething. B-Bug was relatively unaffected by teething discomfort, but then he was such a spitter and crankypants generally, it would have been hard to tell. Still, I’m hoping this will pass sooner rather than later, because Goldbug’s been running me ragged! Even helping B-Bug with his schoolwork has been almost impossible.

However, we’re all looking forward to the F-15 flyover of the hospital around noon today, so that should be fun! Figured we’ll drive over and sit in the car on top of the parking garage to watch.

Today in Writingland…

Today was the first day in five that I’ve managed to sit down and get some words written. They’re garbage, but I got about 1,600, so I can’t say I didn’t try. I always hate coming back to a piece of work after a long break (five days is totally a long break, shh!), because the flow gets rusty and clunky and I have a horrible tendency to overcompensate by describing STUPID MUNDANE DETAILS nobody cares about. Sigh. I’ll probably have to rewrite this whole section, but who knows when I’ll get the chance to do that…

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