Poly-Reader Notes: APRIL 2021

It may be hard to tell from my currently-reading list, but I’ve actually had a huge amount more time to read, since Goldbug has decided that 8:45 is a good bedtime…for both of us. XD But it does set aside a good couple hours in the evening to just lose myself in the silence of a good read, so I can’t complain.

So I’ve been making steady progress, even in some big books, and I picked up a few extra, just for fun, because why not?


The Power Broker – So I haven’t made much progress on this, though I do have the audiobook now, so it’s really just a matter of making time for it. I’ve been primarily listening to Cetaganda, so I haven’t been picking this one up.

Gideon the Ninth – This one is…good. I like it. There’s just something about it that I can’t quite pin down, maybe an authorial intensity that is just a touch exhausting? I think in part it’s the fact that the world is so intricately developed–like brocade fabric–absolutely nothing is left to the reader to fill in. The author has an iron grasp on what you see and why you see it, which in one way is marvelous in that the world can be incredibly detailed and incredibly unique, but can also feel a touch exhausting for me as a reader, trying to keep every tiny detail in mind all the time. Your mileage may vary. I’m still interested in it, but sometimes I’m just too tired to wedge myself back into its folds.

Designology – Buh, I know I should pick this one up, but lately I just…haven’t been interested. I think I may just need to skim this one part on patterns and noise-level and just get to the place type discussion, which sounds more interesting.

Cetaganda – Just a couple hours left on this one! Man, I love a good Vorkosigan saga book when I just need a fun, comfortable, charming read. I love the characters, the dialogue, the pacing, and most of the world-building. Sometimes, this girl just wants to have fun, you know?

The City of Lead and Gold – We’ve started back up on this one, but we’ve been competing with Dogman comics lately, which are hard to beat, so we’ll see where we go with this one in the coming weeks.

Breasts and Eggs – This is absolutely my new favorite book. I’ve been skipping just about everything else, other than Cetaganda, and just devouring this one. It’s exactly what my soul needs right now. I suspect I’ll be finishing this one up in a week or two at this rate.

The White Spider – Just picked this one up last week, to dig into the historical account of all the attempts (successful and unsuccessful) of climbing the Eiger. I’ve actually seen the mountain in person, though not from up close. Makes me want to go back to Grindelwald with binoculars.

Banker – Just picked this one up last night. Wanted a quick, easy, exciting read in that mystery vein. Only half a chapter in so far, but it starts with a bang, so I’m looking forward to where he takes it from here!

^ ^ ^

What about you? What are you reading right now? What have you finished reading recently? My Goodreads To-Read list is growing bigger and bigger, but I’m always open to recommendations!

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