Friday Update: Off to the Races

Finally, a halfway decent week! I was nervous going into Monday, because Goldbug hadn’t napped ALL WEEKEND LONG, which was a major headache, and he was grumpy and sad and clingy (toothing, again). But although there was a day when he didn’t nap like he was supposed to, I managed to get some editing done when he crashed out on me later that afternoon.

It certainly helped that all I needed to do at this point was word-cull (so fun!–I’m serious, I love this process), so not a lot of brain-thinking required. Otherwise, despite the horrible weather (which contributed to the nap disruption–thanks rain and wind), it’s been a solid week.

Accomplished This Week…

Hit my 3k by Tuesday, and plunged ahead with editing “The Showerlier” in order to get it ready to submit. And I submitted it just now! Hooray!!! This is the first new story I’ve had out in a while, and I’m SO EXCITED to have it out in the world, seeking a good home with its adorable puppy eyes.

Inspiring Me This Week…

This week is all about walking simulators and half-seriously watching Unreal Engine tutorials… Because I’ve got so much time, programming a game is, like, completely reasonable. But I’m having a good time just thinking about things and amusing myself, and what’s better than that?

Really enjoying Shirley Jackson’s Dark Tales collection. I’ve always enjoyed her work, though I’ll admit being an English major burned me out on “The Lottery” (it took me a few years to even realize she’d written other things, and that those things are GOOD and AWESOME). The collection contains a lot of short little stories in that wonderfully weird zone, and they’re easy to read before bed and just spooky enough they don’t *quite* keep me up at night.

I also started Nick Mamatas’ The Planetbreaker’s Son a couple days ago, and am really enjoying it. The style in this one (not unlike Bullettime) is dreamlike, bizarre, and dizzying, in a good way. It reminds me a little of Delany’s work, in that you’re expected to be smart enough to keep up, and you only worry (a little) that you’re not. XD

For Next Week…

Next week, we charge through another 3k of the book and then seriously look at getting my synopsis roughed in before it’s due in a couple weeks. If there’s time (big if), I might try to wrap up the last few scenes of a story I started earlier in the month, but didn’t get time to finish.

Otherwise, plow through at least two more books before April wraps so I stay on reading-track! I’m close on a couple, so we’ll see.

^ ^ ^

But onward and upward! Hope your week has been a good one, and that warmer weather is headed everyone’s way soon!

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