April Round-Up: Submissions, Snow, and Some Posts

And just like that, April winds down to its end. I don’t know if it’s just this stage of parenthood that seems to drive the days into hyperdrive (wake up -> get to breakfast -> get to nap -> get to lunch, etc.,etc.), or if the days are actually just going really fast.

But despite an off-again-on-again return to toothing and (apparently?) snow days, I did get some nice things checked off my to-do list. I wrote a new short story (fantasy/humor) and may even finish up a second one by Friday if naps get back to normal. I edited and submitted a brand new, never submitted before story (weird/humor), which feels AMAZING. I always feel like I’m “doing the work” when I get a new story launched out into the world, and nothing feels better than that itching sense that a story is ready to fledge, you know?

I finished two books (Breasts and Eggs and Cetaganda) and hopefully will wrap up another two by the end of the week to hit my four books for the month. That’s taken a bit of a push, probably because Breasts and Eggs pretty much dominated my reading for several weeks.

I’m chugging right along in my Write Your Novel course through the Australian Writer’s Center and am really enjoying getting to know my new crew in that class. Everybody’s been incredibly nice and encouraging, so I’m not *too* nervous about getting my synopsis up in two weeks. And so far, keeping up a steady schedule of 3k/week (therefore 6k/fortnight) seems to be both doable and surprisingly refreshing. I’m really settling into splitting my weeks between short stories and novel work, though at some point when I get to smoothing/editing the sections to submit, I’ll probably have to focus on the book a bit more.

I also got several blog posts up this month:

Poly-Reader Notes: APRIL 2021

The Perfectionist’s Guide to Goal-Setting

Monthly Goals Review – April 2021

Otherwise, the month’s been a bit chaotic with skipped naps and lots of fussing (from being overtired), and B-Bug has vacation this week, so this final week is likely to be as chaotic as the rest of the month. But I’m looking forward to warmer weather and formulating a plan to submit more new work!

^ ^ ^

How was your April? Did you get snow? Did you get a taste of nicer weather yet to come? What are you most proud of accomplishing in April? What’s something you’re going to focus on in May?

3 thoughts on “April Round-Up: Submissions, Snow, and Some Posts”

  1. I always like looking at people’s bullet journals. I usually do my planning on a monthly planner. I’ve tried doing weekly plans but that doesn’t seem to work for me. I probably need more discipline. hahah… Btw, I put Atomic Habits on hold at the library and it is very popular! I am like number 30 something on the waitlist. Yikes! So I decided to try the Artist’s Way in the meantime.
    We don’t get snow here in Southern California and it is getting warmer! It already is starting to feel like summer, but it is suppose to get just slightly cooler this weekend. Here cool is in the 70s. Haha. I like visiting the east coast in each season because I like that experience. I think I’ve taken this warm weather for granted. It is always warm, even when it is winter it only gets in the 50s at night and 60s during the day. I don’t even own a jacket. Haha

    1. It’s always so interesting to me what works for one person in a bullet journal vs someone else. It’s incredibly personal, isn’t it? Which is great! It’s supposed to be flexible. I love the way traditional Ryder Carroll journals look, but I need just a touch more reminder-ing during my weeks. Still working out the best way to do that without losing the freeform method I enjoy in my daily log!

      Ooo, I hope you enjoy The Artist’s Way! If it doesn’t click for you, try The Creative Habit as an alternative–same stuff, different perspective, but both are great.

      My sister is out that way and I’m always so jealous! She once had an orange tree in her back yard, which is so foreign and cool to me. I definitely envy the warmth! Though I will say, I love the change in seasons out here. I lived in Hawaii for a little more than nine months, and although it was delicious and wonderful, I did find my sense of time-passage fuzzed out. I must just be accustomed to distinctive seasons. Savor the heat for me!

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