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Chuuuuu T.T

It’s been one of those drifting kind of weekends. You know the kind: you’ve got a to-do list of ordinary things, you get most of the list done, but by Sunday evening you still don’t feel like you’ve accomplished much. It’s probably just that I haven’t accomplished much I feel that excited about. I cleaned. I did some work. Did grocery shopping. Made dinner. All things I needed to do, but not things I wouldn’t have done anyway.

In fact, the one thing I actually *do* feel pretty jazzed about is the EPIC PIZZA OF AWESOMENESS which I made (and Andy put on the pizza-stone: not a small task with this one) on Saturday night. Picture this: almost perfectly round crust, like the almost-round curve of the Earth or the nearly-perfect-circle of our orbit around the sun; one half is loaded with pepperoni; the other half, piled with green peppers, red peppers, and onion, so when you bite it, it still crunches with juice; the crust–perfectly crispy on the bottom, enough to form a solid structure for the delicious goodies on top of it…. My mouth is watering just REMEMBERING it. *le sigh* It was by far the best pizza I’ve made to date, and I’m not ashamed to brag about it. Hey, I’ve done my time: I’ve sloughed the pizza over itself on the stone so half of it is cheese-down, had half tear off because of an unrealized hole in the crust, realized too late we didn’t have any cheese, forgot to put the salt in the dough, mixed up half a teaspoon of garlic salt with half a TABLESPOON in the sauce.

This last pizza made all those miserable, snorting-laugh or grumpy-teared miserable failures worth it.

We watched A.I. with Kaku this weekend, too. I’m not going to lie: I cry at almost every Haley Joel Osment film. I try not to, but I just can’t help it! And I like to think I’m not an overly teary individual, though I’ve got a few that almost always get me (Sixth Sense is on that list).  I’d seen the end of A.I. before, just not the whole beginning part; I think I caught from the Flesh Fair on on TV one time. But anyway, I liked it. It’s a Spielberg, but I don’t think he actually over-Spielberg’d it. The aliens were definitely familiar for him, but it was still interesting.

(Note: HOLY CRAP! I just looked up HJO to make sure I spelled his last name right, and I had no idea he was only three years younger than me. Dang. That makes me feel really young. XD!)

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