One Year

Yesterday was Andy’s and my one year anniversary! A whole year of being married! It’s sort of weird, actually, because on the one hand, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long at all, and on the other, our stay at the Wentworth by the Sea seems like ages ago!

A lot has changed in that one year, too. We graduated. Andy’s father passed away. We honeymooned in Reuti, Switzerland right amid the alps. Andy’s family moved to Texas. I got a job as a slush surfer and marketing fairy with Apex Magazine. My sister started college in California. We moved to Portland, OR, and saw Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park on the way. Andy started chiropractic college and almost passed out his first day of gross lab (*ALMOST* is the operative word–he didn’t actually do any passing out). I got a job–first temporary then full-time–with NCA. We got our kitties, Oz and Mei. Andy visited his family in Texas over his winter break. I *finally* got my name officially changed. Emily came up to visit on her spring break! I started painting. Now Andy’s almost done his third quarter at WSCC, which is his last quarter of gross labs. I’m still sluggin’ away at the writing during my lunch breaks.

I guess when you break it down like that, it doesn’t seem like a lot has happened, but it *feels* like a lot more. I mean, we’re paying our bills, making our own food, making our own money, taking care of our own pets. All the furniture in our house is ours. We bought it, mostly with the money we either saved up from working at Tyco before our Senior year in college, or with gifts from friends and relatives from the elopement, or with money I’ve made working since we got here. Sometimes I just stop and realize that that this apartment and everything in it really is ours. Not our parents’ that we just call ours by default. Not roommates’ stuff we share. It’s a cool feeling. ^_^


Hooray for One Year!

Guess I should get working on that honeymoon scrapbook, huh? XD!

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