Day 2 — Son of 2014 Goals…RETURNS!

Phew! It’s been a day. Didn’t get half as much done as I was hoping, general life-wise, but I did manage to set down some time for both the current New Project and the Editing Project. Have some extra-curricular work coming up in the next few days/weeks, so that’ll probably slow some of this momentum down, but so long as I’m still getting words and time in, I’ll try not to feel too bad about not getting the same numbers. Numbers are numbers are numbers, right? 

WRITING PROJECT: In a world where wars are waged in shadow and the separation between man and machine is shrinking by the day, a war-droid wielding cyborg-girl begins a secret battle against those who would control her and destroy the only chance of a future she’s ever had.

Working Title: Shadow Games: Book 1 of the Shadow Engines duology
Added Words: 2,672
Total Words (to date): 88,857

Happening Today in the World of Fiction!: Sarad takes out a little pent-up brotherly aggression, a good bit of blood is spilt on polished tiles, a secret elevator revealed, and a fight is definitely brewing. Expect more bloodletting tomorrow!

Notes: Once I got myself in the chair, fingers to keyboard, the words flowed moderately well. The scene feels a bit bloated and slow, so I suspect there will be some significant trimming later, but meh. It’s moving forward, even if slowly, so I’ll take it. It’s something!

EDITING PROJECT: Ghosts and legends and Bluebeard, oh my! The cold Maine coastline! Haunted grounds! Ribbons and bitter, ghostly wives! Dueling secrets! True love? Perhaps!

Current Editing Project: Nobody Here But Us Monsters
Accomplished in Edits: Finally took the time to get a pen-and-paper outline of the revised plot down (which is pretty similar to the rough draft I’ve got, but does shift the POV), which helps me to get a grasp of what I have left to do. (A lot. Like OMG whoa a lot.) At least I don’t think this one’s going to evolve spontaneously into a novella like others have (Scientific Term: “Spontanovella”).

Got down another rewritten-from-scratch scene with the new POV, and I’m loving it. For the first time, I feel like I’ve got enough distance from both the Bluebeard character and the New Wife character to actually show what they’re both going through as the story progresses. And can I just say, I love, love, LOVE bitter ghost wives? They’re so fabulous. They make it so much fun to write. So *that’s* good! ‘Cuz there’s a lot of story left to go, though the word count is managing itself rather well for a change. Yay for staying short! :D

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