Day 19 – The Delights of an Empty Theater

There are very few experiences in life more enjoyable than going to a movie with a pal and finding the theater completely empty save for the two of you. Even better is when the film is rather terrible, so you can heckle it in real-time and laugh as loud as you want! It was just what I needed today; that, plus a pistachio ice cream Fribble was just–perfect.

On top of that, I actually got some writing work done before I headed out, so it wasn’t a completely wasted day! Didn’t get much reading done, but well, one can’t have *everything*. :)


WRITING/EDITING PROJECT: Far-future lifeforms! Pulsars! Sentient robotic trees! Seedling space-travel! Massive radiation poisoning! It’s all here, and being converted to flash fiction from 3,600 words.

Working Title: ”The Miracle of Jane”
Added Words: N/A
Total Words (to date): ~800

Happening Today in the World of Fiction!: Mother-daughter conflict! The color green! Data pools, videos of Earth, and surges of power!

Notes: This section was a bit more difficult to trim down, because I’m getting into the plot-driving scenes. I’m still not 100% sure about it–it feels more truncated than the other sequences do, and thought it does touch on the main points, I’m not sure it does so gracefully. I’ve got a few spare words I can use at the end of this to smooth it out, but I’m not going to lie–I’m a little bit worried about this one. We’ll see how the first and last segments go. I may need to tweak something about the structure… Fmralkdfkjfsal…

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