And the Week Begins…

It’s been quite the weekend! Saturday, the hubby, Little Guy, and I attended a smashing “Throwback” party a friend of mine was hosting, complete with moon bounce, slip-N-slide, water balloons, and fake tattoos, besides copious amounts of childhood-favorite candy. After that, we picked up my brother-in-law, visiting from Yale, and then my mother-in-law, flying up from Texas to meet the Little Guy for the first time.

Yesterday we grabbed lunch from WokWok in Milford, which was delicious as always, and then dud some grocery shopping to top off the fridge. Today, we’re picking up a little baby tub, and did I mention that SharkWeek has started?

My brain’s been in a scramble all weekend, thinking it’s Monday on Saturday, etc. Even with all the crazy, though, I managed to get a tiny start on a new Apex book formatting project, so hooray for that! I was thinking I might–time permitting–do a few posts in the formatting process I go through for projects like these. Hmmmm… Maybe if I get the other waiting interview posts up and ready to go today!

Otherwise, no writing done, but ah well. I may have the chance to get started back on that soon, due to some generous babysitting offers, so we’ll see. In the meantime, I’m hoping the research-related book I ordered comes today. Fingers crossed!

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