Derailed, and Other Apologies


This week has been…nuts. Just nuts. Between the Little Guy apparently having a growth-spurt and wanting to eat almost non-stop, to house guests, to negotiating healthcare stuff, etc., etc., I have gotten so behind on things. I was hoping to actually get *ahead* on things, but yeah, no.  It’s just been crazy go-go-go since Saturday.

I keep looking at my Habit RPG account (currently on “sleep mode”) and just sigh, at this point.

Obviously, this means no writing*, but more relevant to this post: no blogging. I’ve got some catching up to do this weekend in regards to some upcoming interviews, and then we should be back on schedule next week with an interview Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There may be a short post on Tues/Thursday, but we’ll see what I can work out! Things should at least be getting back to normal, and hopefully, that’s something of a schedule. *fingers crossed*

*I’ve been having a lot of fun reading The Weekend Novelist, by Robert J. Ray, and am hoping with some time set aside this coming week, I’ll be able to both A) get some novel work in, and B) make some more progress on the current book formatting project, which is coming due pretty soon! At least I think I’ve got the general style chosen for it, so now it’s just a matter of executing it. >_- TIME! WHERE ARE YOU?!

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