Transient Reminders…

Today in Mommy-Land

Well, the beautiful, blissful days of two long naps are over. The Little Man *did* go down for two naps today, but neither were more than 20-25 minutes total, which was barely enough time to confirm he was asleep and go downstairs, make a cup of tea, open the computer, sigh with delight at the prospect of how much great work you’re going to get done, and then–crap. I did get him to sleep for another 30 or so minutes on me, but that pretty much precludes anything getting done otherwise.

But Andy got off early today, so he brought home lunch (especially nice when I realized we didn’t have much of anything to eat at home…), and generally made the time pass more easily. We did get out for a brief walk with the Little Man in his snowsuit in his stroller, but although it got up to 38-40 degrees today, the wind was so cold it hardly felt that nice. (HA! 38 degrees being called “nice”!–You see what a winter it’s been?!)

Did get a chance–while the Little Man was awake–to finally resort his toys into three bins. It was great when I’d done it before, because it kept his toys from getting stale, so I’m hoping for a similar result. Though I will say, he was delightedly entertained simply by my picking up all his toys from the floor–wouldn’t you know it, there’s carpet under here! He’s also discovered the cabinets in the dining room, and (once we’ve removed all the breakable things) he has a lovely time pulling everything out onto the floor. Here’s hoping the toy bins provide nearly as much entertainment!

Today in Writer-Land

Despite truncated naps, I did get a little bit of work done! For one thing, I resubmitted a story that got a very nice rejection (though still a rejection), so that’s back out again.

It was really, really beautifully written, but...meh.
It was really, really beautifully written, but…meh.*

And I did end up with about 500+ new words on the Porter Story Challenge–working title: “Kill Your Darlings”–so that was nice to get started on. No work made on the current month’s WiP, but I’m still feeling pretty good about those 500 words, given that they’re new words. After so long not really getting a fresh story idea down, there’s a little devil inside me that keeps whispering I can’t write new stuff anymore, which–of course–is nonsense, but it’s nice to have proof that it’s nonsense. :)

*For the record, having done slushing myself, I completely get that you can really like *most* of a story, and still not have it quite win you over, and I don’t begrudge anybody that. It is what it is. Send it out again, Charlie Brown!

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