The Unbeaten Path

Getting a handle on the novel rewrite this week has proven more challenging than (initially) expected. After flying through almost 3k yesterday on the short story for the week (*woo!*), today was at best a struggle. I know why I left off on this particular scene: it’s boring. And possibly pointless. Which begs the question: then why write this scene at all? Except, I feel like there’s an element of my character’s even-handed approach to the issue she’s trying to mediate that requires some illustration. It feels like it might be cheating to skip it. Ugh. I don’t know. It’s driving me nuts.

I did find a little momentum by adding a character connection I hadn’t previously considered, but the dynamic between the characters within the scene don’t allow me to indulge in that connection all that much without undermining my MC’s integrity. Rawr. So in the end, I got 500+ words in of the revised section, but I’m underwhelmed and therefore frustrated. I know it’ll get better with time, but at the moment, I’m dubious about my ability to edit long-form fiction. May have to reevaluate how I’m presenting the info I need, and see if there’s a better way to approach it…

But it’s always tough picking up a project I haven’t touched in a while. It’s like beating your way through thick underbrush, trying to relocate the cleared path you were once on, but have lost track of by following a vague deer trail when things got murky. At least I finished this week’s “flash” story (which ended up becoming a full-blown short story at 4.7k). I just wish the transition into the novel rewrite had been smoother. But hey, can’t have everything, right? TGIF, folks. Next week’s a fresh start.

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